2010 - 2015

May 23 2015 Building Berm

District of Vanderhoof

Contact:  Paul Carver

  • 2015 Flood Prevention - building of berm & placement of gabion baskets

Pitman Ashpalt

Contact:  Doug Coletti

  • District of Vanderhoof - street improvements & prep for resurfacing

Premium Pellet

Contact:  Rob Turcon

  • excavation & sub-grade prep for asphalt 

Nechako Environment & Water Stewardship Society (website

Contact:  Wayne Saleski 

  • Murray Creek Restoration - realigned a portion of orignal creek channel as well as cleanup & rehabilitation of various areas
  • Stoney Creek Restoration - cleanup & rehabilitation of various areas including the mouth of Stoney Creek into Nechako River

JC's Waterworks

Contact:  Jim Moon

  • BC Hydro - water main upgrade
  • Nadleh Whut’en Cultural Centre - civil works
  • Sturgeon Hatchery Phase 2 - water and sewer main extension for Nechako White Sturgeon Hatchery
  • Nak’albun School – Fort St James – excavation of foundation and underground services eg. water/sewer
IMG 1552

New Haven Construction

Contact:  Max McGrath

  • Nadleh Whut’en Cultural Center - supply & place all sub-grade materials
  • Nadleh Whut’en Health Center - supply sub-grade materials at new Site and re-location of building 

Vanderhoof Co-operative Association

Contact:  Allan Bieganski

  • Lumber & Agra Yard - all sub-grade elevations & ashpalt prep in conjunction with Pitman Asphalt
  • New Lumber & Agriculture Warehouse - site and foundation preparation
  • New Petroleum Cardlock Parking Lot - site peparation in conjunction with Pittman Asphalt Co Ltd.

Regional District of Bulkley - Nechako

Contacts:  Rory McKenzie & Janette Derksen

  • periodic water & sewer repairs and maintenance
  • site reclamation at various landfills  

Nechako View Senior Citizens' Home Society

Contact:  Dave Flegal & Art Flaterud 

  • foundation & underground service installations
  • landscaping and parking lot preparation and maintenance i.e. snow plowing 

Wayne Watson Construction

Contacts:  Al Mathews & Darren Watson

  • Credit Union new site – Subgrade and finish grade building site and parking lot

L & M Lumber

Contact:  Mike Manojlovic

  • Ongoing mill expansion with water main extension and new hydrants

IMG 0897

L & M Lumber – Woods Division 

Contact:  Dave Watt

  • Blue Mountain Connector Road – Logging road development including the installation of culverts and bridges to connect Striegler Road and Blue Mountain Road

Nechako Lumber            

Contact:  Alan Fitzpatrick


  • Nechako Nugreen Energy Project – build foundation for the new energy plant including excavation and aggregate placement according to engineering specifications as well as various other projects




Vanderhoof Sportfield and Stadium Project

Project:      Sportfield and Track

Location:    Vanderhoof, BC

Engineer:   Urban Systems / Chris Larouche

Contact:     Paul Hascarl, District of Vanderhoof

  • Off-site disposal and on-site embankment of topsoil and granular material, storm and water works, placement of electrical conduit, site grading, placement of granular base and sub-base
  • Blending and placement of sport field growing medium
  • Finish grading, irrigation, and grass establishment


District of Fort St. James / Nak’azdli Indian Band

Project:         Sewage Lagoons Upgrading Contract 330.002

Location:       Fort St. James, BC

Engineer:      Dayton & Knight Engineering Ltd.

Contact:         Scott Bilbrough  (250) 562-0038          

  • De-slugging of two existing cells
  • Supply and installation of new HDPE aeration systems in each cell
  • Supply and install new seepage receiving station with associated tanks and manholes
  • Interconnection with existing systems


L&M Lumber

Project:       Multiple Creek Crossing Structures (3 Multi-plate) (1 Concrete Girder Bridge and Deck Panel)

Location:     Multiple Sites within the Vanderhoof District  

Engineer:    AllNorth Consultants Ltd.

Contact:      Dave Watt, L&M Lumber  (250) 567-4701

Installation of 3 separate multi-plate structures measuring 6m wide, 3m high, and 30+ meters long on precast concrete footings

  • Includes site survey, environmental monitoring, stream diversion channels, structure construction, and completion
  • Installation at 1 concrete girder and deck panel bridge with associated footings, site survey, environmental monitoring, stream diversion channel, structure construction, and completion


District of Vanderhoof

Project:       Loop Road Storm Main and Upgrades to 5 Roads within District of Vanderhoof

Location:    Vanderhoof, BC

Contact:      Paul Hascarl, Director of Public Works   (250) 567-4711

  • Design, supply, and install 170 lineal meters of 800mm HDPE storm main with manhole structures, and out fall energy dissipation structure on the 23% gradient
  • Oak, Saranovich, Speedway, Enns, and Markey Road upgrades
  • Including sub surface drainage improvements and replacements, sub grade sub-excavation, sub grade replacement with aggregates, certification, and completion.



Canadian Forest Products – Plateau Division

Project:       New Planer and Associated Yard Structures

Location:     Vanderhoof, BC

Contact:       Dave Melo   (250) 567-4725

Complete underground drainage design and installation; supply and placement of the following major components:

  • Subsurface bulk excavation totalling 110,000m3
  • Design, supply and install subsurface drainage structures and catchment systems
  • Surface and grade preparation for paving of 80,000m2 of yard around new planer and sawmill
  • Demolition and removal off-site of old 175,000ft2 planer building and foundations

Premium Pellet

Project:       Main Yard and Plant Drainage Improvements

Location:     Vanderhoof, BC

Contact:      Mike Manojlovic    (250) 567-4701

Yard substructure, drainage installation and paving prep for 40,000m2 paving works and yard upgrades including:

  • In house drainage substructure design
  • Bulk excavation of existing yard
  • Installation of substructure drainage and sub-grade aggregates
  • Supply and placement of surfacing aggregate and 50,000m2 of asphaltic paving



Pittman Asphalt and Ministry of Highways

Project:        Sowchea Intersection Upgrade

Location:      Fort St. James, BC

Contact:       Chris Simmons    (250) 567-9444

  • Complete sub-grade structure works on Sowchea Intersection Upgrade
  • Removal and reinstallation of substructure drainage improvements and underground utilities
  • Supply and installation of new underground utilities conduit, overhead signals, and light appurtenances
  • Supply and placement of base gravels in preparation for asphaltic pavement


Northern Health Authority

Project:       Omineca Multi-Level Care Facility Site Services

Location:     Vanderhoof, BC      

Engineer:    L&M Engineering, Stuart Lawrence, P. Eng.

Contact:      Stuart Lawrence    (250) 562-1977

Construction of all on-site and off-site service infrastructure components; the project consists of the following major components:

  • Excavation to waste approximately 10,000m3
  • Supply, place and compact approximately 6,000m3 of imported structural fill
  • Supply and install domestic water system
  • Supply and install fire suppression system
  • Supply and install sanitary sewer system
  • Supply and install storm sewer system
  • Construct paved parking lot complete with lighting and pavement markings
  • Construct paved access road complete with concrete curb and gutter, sidewalks and wheel chair ramps
  • Excavate building foundation and place and compact structural fill

Canadian Forest Products – Plateau Division

Project:        Sawmill Expansion                   

Location:      Vanderhoof, BC      

Contact:        Dave Melo     (250) 567-4725

Site preparation, development and infrastructure for new sawmill expansion; the project consists of the following major components:

  • Bulk excavation in excess of 20,000m3
  • Supply and placement of approximately 15,000m3 structural fill
  • Installation of storm drainage system
  • Construction of 2.5 km of rail spur lines sub-grade and associated drainage systems ©Shelly Manwaring 2017