SAFE Certified No. 5090197

   First Aid Certified Employees

M 4 ENTERPRISES LTD. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work      environment for all employees.  Our occupational health and safety objectives are to take all reasonable care to prevent work related accidents and disease through the recognition, evaluation, control, and wherever practical, the removal of hazards.  We will promote the awareness and compliance of occupational health and safety issues and safe work practices and procedures, and ensure all work sites maintain effective health and safety systems.  We support employees’ knowledge and involvement in all aspects of safe work, because occupational health and safety is a shared responsibility.  The following is a summary of roles and responsibilities essential to the success of our policy:                                                                                                                            

Management must:

§  Ensure the health and safety of your workers on site

§  Develop and maintain comprehensive occupational health and safety  policies and programs, and ensure they are accessible to all workers

§  Conduct regular health and safety audits and take corrective action to resolve any hazardous situation which may arise

§  Facilitate active employee participation in health and safety initiatives and programs

§  Provide the necessary education and training in safe work practices and procedures for supervisors, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) committee members, and all employees

§  Communicate known or reasonably foreseeable health and safety hazards to which employees are likely to be exposed to by their work and provide all Personal Protective Equipment as required by WorkSafeBC regulations

§  Ensure there are emergency response plans in place that detail timely and appropriate actions to be taken in response to emergency situations

Supervisors must:

§  Ensure that all employees under their direction receive proper training and instruction and that all work is performed safely, and known, or reasonably foreseeable health or safety hazards in the areas where they work are communicated

§  Ensure that employees are made aware of the WorkSafeBC health and safety regulations pertaining to their supervision duties are fully understood

§  Initiate actions and follow-up in order to maintain a healthy and safe working environment and cooperate with any joint health and safety representatives

Employees must:

§  Take responsibility for avoiding risk to themselves and others by following all known safe work rules, procedures of the company, as well as the Forest Safety Accord

§  Eliminate all accidents by working together to identify potential hazards in the workplace and taking the appropriate corrective action

§  Ensure they have the appropriate training for all assigned tasks

§  Ensure the use, inspection and maintenance of all necessary PPE, as required

§  If necessary, notify a member of their Joint Health and Safety Committee or Management representative of any potential health and safety concerns or near misses

Contractors must:

§  Ensure they comply with their own safety plan or the existing plan for the site

§  Ensure they are appropriately trained and qualified for all assigned tasks

§  Ensure they are aware of who is responsible for health and safety on the work site

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